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Photo by John McCornack” align= Photo by John McCornack” align= Photo by John McCornack” align=


Welcome to my World!


Winter’s Night

John C. McCornack
Yukon, Oklahoma




Silently the snow falls,
upon the Mother Earth
on this winter's night.
Moon is on the rise,
Brother Coyote is singing
his song.
Campfires in the sky are
sparkling in the night.
Spirits ride the wind,
the Great Owl calls oput
in the darkness.
Silently the snow falls
upon the Mother Earth,
on this winter's night.

Native American Collection


Red Dirt Wintertime

Winter seems much clearer
On a red dirt afternoon
Snow sparkles even brighter
And softer under the moon

Exactly like a postcard
And seems almost unreal
Everything so perfect
With that red dirt feel

Snowmen seem so human
They nearly talk to you
Old barns are much quainter
Skies are very blue

Icy ponds are more fun
I think that you will find
Everything so special
In red dirt wintertime!

Marilyn Lott © 2008 - 32


More ducks


What Means The Most To Me

What do I want,
most in this world,
What means the most to me?
It’s not the diamonds nor a pearl,
But just the chance to be A friend
whose there to listen to,
You when you feel the need,
To help you in all that you do,
To comfort and to lead.
To help you cope with good and bad,
To lift you when you’re down.
To make you smile when you are sad,
To chase away your frown.

© 2002 Loree (Mason) O’Neil


Neighborhood memories


Cold barn

Though weary and worn
The old barn is beautiful
Nestled there in the storm

Unlike the days of old
The home is empty of family life
The rooms are silent and cold

But still keeping watch over all,
The windmill stands strong through
Winter -- Summer -- Fall

Alruna © 2004



Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

Oh, how I love a snowy afternoon
Lovely snow covered branches

Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

I put hats on my snowmen in the sun
I don’t take any chances.

M. I. Lusby


School related experiences in Italy by Mary

June 25 2013, Tuesday

Today we have to write about the differences between yesterday’s excursion and our previous one. The trip to La Verna was very relaxed. I explored on my own and was very calming except for the time limit. I couldn’t go on as many or even complete a trail because we only had two hours there. I wish we had more time because I didn't even see the main attractions. We were left on our own and I didn’t end up wandering to the caves or the place where S. Francis got his wounds. I would have liked to see that, but I didn’t even know which direction that was in.

The other places also had problems. With Kirk’s pace, we hardly ever had time. In Rome, it was so bad that we only had a few hours of free time unless we wanted to skip sleep. It was nice to see the places, but there wasn’t time to soak in the place.

Photo by John McCornack

My favorite excursions were my day trips. There was virtually no deadline, so I was free to roam about and soak everything up. My trip to Viareggio had almost too much time with too little to do. My trip to Orvieto was better. It was six hours of free time to roam around. We saw the cliffs, wondered through the streets and really had time to see it. I also loved the cats. This trip was by far my favorite. I loved the forest in La Verna, but there wasn't enough time to enjoy it. I also need more time to soak up the place because I am exhausted from over three weeks in Italy. I hardly got anything out of the other places after the first week because I was in the mindset of follow Kirk, don’t look around and take notes. I could hardly even write an essay at the time because I was mentally exhausted.

Writing essays is exhausting. All of these journal entries are tiring and I just want a few free days. It’s my birthday today, but I’ve already written two papers and need to work on another one. I’ve also had two nosebleeds already and it isn’t even noon yet. I think this birthday is going to follow in the tradition of crappy things happening to me.

Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

Class finally dismissed after a painfully long discussion. I couldn't focus with my pounding head. I ate at Il Boccon del Re with Elizabeth and Melisa. It seems like everyone was of a similar mind to eat there. The food tasted okay, but didn't settle well. Since I've been having nosebleeds, Elizabeth wanted to make sure I drank lots of water. Every sip was a struggle to not regurgitate my food. After that, I went back to OUA to try to do some research for my paper, but that didn’t work well. Instead, I looked up trains and hotels. I think I’m going to stay at hotel Nuova Nord that we stayed in before in Rome. It's very close to the train station and trains start running at 6:20 or so in the morning. It's going to cost $110 for a single room. At least that's better than the other prices I've been seeing.

After miserably failing at schoolwork, I went back to the hotel. My stomach was hurting and I just laid in bed reading on my tablet until I decided I needed food. I walked to a local fast pizza place that was open and bought a slice of plain pizza. It tasted horrible. I couldn’t even finish it because my stomach was so upset. Now I’m back at the hotel and my stomach still hurt like it did when I was younger. If I’m still feeling off tomorrow, I’ll probably stop by the grocery store and buy chicken broth and noodles to make at OUA. It looks like my vouchers are going to be wasted because I have three days left to use six. That system is so stupid.

Photo by John McCornack

Rachel and David just came by to say happy birthday. At first, they didn’t see me because I’m sitting on the balcony. I don’t think I’m going to do anything tonight except feel crappy. It would be fine if I didn't have a million assignments to do. I don’t even know what I'm going to do about my research paper. Why does it have to be due before we leave? And why does the internet fail in Italy. I just want to be home and home work less now.


Another Red Dirt poem by John


Love to touch a fence post and feel the red dirt

Snow Storm in Yukon

The snow came down in bucket fulls
Until the ground and water turned white
And the temperature went down until
Ducks walked on water during the night

Now it is time for this traveler to get warm
And get back home before my tires spin
For this winter trip will soon be over
when I get back to place where it begin

After the snow melts, I’ll be back on the road
With my trusty digital camera in hand
And if God is willing and the creek don’t rise
I will look for new places in this great land


Photo by Marilyn Lott


Lilac Tree

When I bought my little Lilac tree
With Rhododendron trees behind
I told my little tree to grow tall
That is if he didn’t mind.

I told him they would dwarf him
He certainly took me seriously
Because to pick a nice bouquet
There has to be a ladder for me!

Elizabeth Anderson


Wise Words by a man named Don

Photo by John McCornack

1. It was obvious that most weren’t used to be asked about future plans or whether they thought they were old.

2. Lesson one: It’s just as appropriate to ask an older person about their future as it is a young high school graduate.

3. Life is full of hopes and dreams regardless of age.


Evidence for a Hollow Moon

Photo by John McCornack

1. The new information has led to speculation that it might actually be an extraterrestrial technology transported here to survey mankind’s progress and the impact we have on planet Earth, or maybe something entirely different.

2. The reason why the moon was brought here remains to be a huge source of speculation, something we will hopefully find out in the near future, but for now we have information that dispels the previous notion that it is a natural planetary body:


Historical Photo by John McCornack

Photo by John McCornack” align=

Howard, Robert


A Spanish Cove special memory

Photo by John McCornack” align=

April 2015 meeting of Town Hall at Spanish Cove


Thanks for spending a little time in my world!

John McCornack


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Long Shadows

Beautiful pictures. Why is it that snow always gives the appearance of warmth?

I'm from S. California , and thought when snow falls one can not see the stars and the moon in the sky... am I wrong?  B says you can have a snowfall during a partially cloudy sky and see the moon and stars or ...during the day you can have sunshine and long shadows when the snow is falling, for the same reason.

I love your park covered in snow....the huge fir trees hold so much a grandmother holding her apron to gather veggies the old days... an apron was a handy thing to have on....this snow.. you feature...were you expecting this much snow...or had it begun to fall before bedtime?.... The ducks look cold...half frozen.... the water in the lake seems to be thick with half formed ice...


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Someone is watching you!


Photo by John McCornack” align= Photo by John McCornack” align= Photo by John McCornack” align=

A Simple Redneck Poem


Bubba loves to hunt rabbits when the snow drifts are growing
He claims it is a lot easier to track a rabbit when it is snowing.

Photo by John McCornack” align= Photo by John McCornack” align= Photo by John McCornack” align=